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The popular "local foods movement" has grown strong roots because it offers consumers an alternative to the low quality, industrially produced, food that is so readily available in our society today.  Moreover, the negative impact that industrial agriculture and transcontinental distribution is having on global water and air quality can be greatly lessened when a society participates in a more localized model of production and consumption.  Permaculture is a system that amplifies this positive effect by fully integrating food systems into communities, landscapes, and institutions.  

Sunrise Ranch Permaculture Design

Sunrise Ranch is an intentional community that has an integrated farm, garden and community kitchen.  The video to the left shows the design process in developing their production garden, and the video on the right is a tour of the production garden that I designed and co-managed in 2012.

Design Process

Garden Tour

Residential Gardens

Many people these days are chosing to install edible landscapes and gardens that harmonize with the elements around them. 

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