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 General Consultation


Half day site visit, 

A general consultation typically lasts 1 to 3 hours.  



 Site Assessment 


Our Site Assessment involves a thorough observation and documentation of all the important features and elements of your system.  Water flow, topography, solar aspect, micro-climates, soils, access, and threats such as flood and fire are all identified.  This Site Assessment becomes the backbone of your design prioritization and can either stand alone or be integrated into a Padden Permaculture Site Design.






From 10 year master plans to patios and edible landscapes, Padden Permaculture brings a new design perspective to the table. No where else will you find the integrative design methodology that is delivered in a Padden Permaculture Design. From rainwater harvesting sunken gardens and xiriscapes, to bioswales and curbcuts, I am pushing the leading edge for water conscious design.  



Padden Permaculture offers full installation services of all ecological landscape components including rainwater harvesting and infiltration systems, perennial food crops and trees, greenhouses, animal systems, flowers, and medicinal polycultures.  I specialize in hard scape installations such as retaining walls, patios, and walkways.  



General Consulting

Public Speaking 

Classes and Workshops

Landscape Design

Site Planning

Food Forests

Greenhouse Design and Construction

Organic Gardens

Pond Construction

Earthworking, swales, berms n’ basins

Project Management

Xeriscape Design and Installation

Poultry and Small Animal Systems










General Contracting

Custom Fire Pits

3D Rendering

Drought Tolerant Landscaping

Garden Design


Patio and Outdoor Kitchen 

Patio Design

Custom Water Features


Edible Gardens

Greywater Recycling

Rainwater Utilization