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Upload a picture of your own yard, tell me what you want to see and I'll send you 8 free AI generated conceptual  images.

I'm giving away a $100 credit toward a full day consultation and concept design package to the first 20 people who try this technology.  

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Patrick Padden M.Sc. is an eco-social designer committed to bringing the best and most intelligent design strategies to regenerative land projects around the world.  Patrick has 16 years experience in the field of permaculture and is a certified designer, teacher, and contractor.  He works with community developers, land owners, and engineers, to create beautiful and productive systems that are in ecological harmony and generate more resources than they consume.  Read more 

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Integrated Services

Design Services 

General Consulting

Site Analysis and Mapping

Flood Plane Design

Permaculture Zone and Sector Design

Concept Design

Detailed Design

3D Renderings

Timeline and Budgeting

Master Planning 

Homestead Design

Farm Design

Community Planning

Social Structures

Community Governance

Cryptocurriency, Tokenized Real-estate

and Fractional Ownership










Earthworks and Infrastructure

Storm Water Management

Keyline Design and Implementation

Swales, Berms, Basins

Rain Gardens

Roads and Access

 Hardscaping and Masonry

Patios, Walkways, Steps, Walls

Outdoor Kitchens

Social Spaces, Pergolas

Shade Structures

Custom Fire Pits

Custom Water Features

Animal Husbandry and Fencing


Greenhouse Design and Construction

Native and Edible Landscaping


Permaculture Landscaping

Food Forests

Organic Gardens

Raised Beds

Drought Tolerant Landscapes 

Poultry and Small Animal Systems
Pest Management
Native Planting & Pollinator Habitat
Composting & Soil Preparation
Irrigation Systems
Greywater Irrigation
Rainwater Harvesting

Orchards and Medicinal Plants
Orchards & Medicinal Plants
Carbon Farming & Cover Cropping
Agroforestry, Windbreaks, Reforestation
Rotational Grazing & Silvopasture Systems








FOCO Cafe rendering 1.png

Padden Permaculture Design Process 

We begin our process with an initial Site Visit and General Consultation.  I come out to your property in the morning and I get to know you and your project better.  We walk the property together and Discuss your goals, visions and Challenges.  During this time I am happy to answer any questions you might have about your project, and offer my initial impressions and professional recommendations.   A stand alone general consultation  typically lasts 3 to 4 hours and costs $400.  I provide you with relevant resource lists, professional contacts if applicable, and a strategy for moving forward to attain your goals.   Book your general Consultation Now

Most clients opt for me to continue on with my site assessment and for me to spend a full day on site to produce a base map, Concept Design and mood board.  I typically work out on your patio or at your kitchen table, or can easily find a nearby coffee shop to work at if need be.  For smaller projects (less than 1/3 acre) I complete the concept design the same day and present it to you in the late afternoon.  Here is an example of a single day concept design for a small residential lot:  

The concept design is an excellent starting point for folks who are looking for general guidance, and those who intend on implementing the project themselves.  For most residential properties, I can complete a concept design in a single day ($800).  This price is inclusive of the general consultation fee.  For Larger properties that require a more in depth Zone and Sector permaculture analysis, a concept design may take up to 3 days ($2400)

If after I present my concept design, you decide you would like to move forward with a detailed master plan, then I will receive your feedback and give you an estimate for how long the detailed design will take me and what the fee will be.  The cost of a detailed plan is dependent upon the scope and complexity.   For most small residential properties, I can complete the detailed design and Installation Estimate within a day ($800).  In other words, the total cost of a detailed design package for a small residential home ranges from $800 to $1600.  For larger projects, (greater than 1/3 acre),  a detailed design may take multiple weeks worth of design time.  The best way to better understand the potential design costs, is to begin with a general consultation or Concept design, and I will be able to give you an estimate based on your needs.  


General Consultation

I provide consultation to help you create the sustainable - and actively regenerative - home landscape or farm you've been dreaming of.  I've viewed and analyzed hundreds of diverse sites and can help you save time and money getting the results you want. I work from a holistic and integrated viewpoint to help land owners and developers better understand the elements that must be considered to create a sustainable and resilient design., that grows  I help assess needs and resources I consider that a regenerative approach goes several steps beyond sustainable, as it doesn't just prevent further degradation - it actively heals the earth and communities. Designers from all around the world are working together in the field of permaculture to design and install productive landscaping which builds depleted soils, increases diversity and wildlife habitat, renews water supplies and makes them healthier, and creates more social, ecological, and economic resiliency. 



Concept Design.png
Solar analysis for port folio.png

Site Assessment


My Site Assessment involves a thorough observation and documentation of all the important features and elements of your system.  Water flow, topography, solar aspect, micro-climates, soils, access, and threats such as flood and fire are all identified.  This Site Assessment becomes the backbone of your design prioritization and can either stand alone or be integrated into a Padden Permaculture Site Design.




Badia Concept design.png



From 10 year master plans to patios and edible landscapes, Padden Permaculture brings a new design perspective to the table. No where else will you find the integrative design methodology that is delivered in a Padden Permaculture Design. From rainwater harvesting sunken gardens and xeriscapes, to bioswales and curbcuts, I am pushing the leading edge for water conscious design.  I provide concept designs, 3d renderings, mood boards, and full scale detailed master plans with installation estimates, and timelines.  

Residential Concept Design Package


Padden Permaculture offers full installation services of all ecological landscape components including rainwater harvesting and infiltration systems, perennial food crops and trees, greenhouses, animal systems, flowers, and medicinal polycultures.  I specialize in Storm water management systems, and hard scape installations such as retaining walls, patios, and walkways.  In 2022, I am booked out for installations but can still do design work.  

Here is a special video to reward you for scrolling the entirety of my home page.  I made this video a couple years ago after a month long masonry installation.  I was feeling strong and confident! 

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