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Patrick Padden M.Sc. is an eco-social designer committed to bringing the best and most intelligent design strategies to regenerative land projects around the world.  Patrick has 16 years experience in the field of permaculture and is a certified designer, teacher, and contractor.  He works with home owners, community developers, land owners, and engineers, to create beautiful and productive systems that are in ecological harmony and generate more resources than they consume.  

Patrick, a graduate of Colorado State University, studied natural systems building design in Namibia and urban food forest implementation in Johannesburg, South Africa (2007). Patrick received his design certificate from the International Permaculture Design Course in Harare, Zimbabwe in 2009 and completed a Master’s Degree in Integrative Eco-Social Design with Gaia University in (2014). After five seasons of producing naturally grown food for 80+ people at Sunrise Ranch, Patrick is currently living in Fort Collins and is a practicing permaculturalist, consultant, public speaker, and educator.  



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